MAXIMIZE Your Experience at the Americas Food & Beverage Show & Conference

4 Tips to help you get the most out of your trade show investment. 

By: Alice Ancona, SVP & COO, World Trade Center Miami   Email  LinkedIn


  1. Define What Success Looks Like

For small businesses, exhibiting at a trade show is a big investment of time and resources. Developing a strategy for success is essential to making the most out of your investment. Establish clear goals for your business and team for the Show early to help you plan. Are you hoping to launch a new product? Did you recently rebrand and need to promote the new look or name of your business? Are you looking to enter a new international market? Are you looking for distributors or wholesalers? Are you looking to re-connect with customers? All of these are important questions which can help you focus on what matters most for your business and target the right visitor/buyer.

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  1. Don’t Underestimate the Power of Social

Social media is an effective tool to build brand and product awareness, connect with customers, tell your story, and have global reach. Content such as video is a very effective way of drawing in new customers and expanding your audience. For food and beverage – creating reels where you product is demonstrated, such as a- “how to” or using the product in recipes or in cocktails is a great way to connect with consumers and build brand/product awareness.

Cross-posting across platforms is a great time saver and a way to reach more audiences. There are tools available to help you manage and schedule your social media and cross-post content.

???? Don’t forget to promote your participation at the Show. Social media platforms like LinkedIn are great ways to share your participation with potential buyers. Include your booth number and links to your page.

???? FYI – The World Trade Center Miami contracted with a social media influencer for the 2022 Americas Food & Beverage Show & Conference. Be sure to make the most of this benefit for exhibitors by setting up a social media account &/or keeping it updated with fresh content and links to your website and product pages before the Show.


  1. Beef Up Your Website!

Buyers and consumers are more conscientious about the products they buy are doing more research. Update your website and ensure it is clear and easy to navigate. Provide product information such as nutritional content, ingredients as well as where you source from. Be sure to share If your product is sustainably sourced, sustainably packaged, etc. as well. Don’t forget to provide contact information of someone in your company that can answer questions.

????Be sure to link your website to your social media pages!

????????????If you are looking to reach an international audience, consider translating your website or at least do so for key product pages. This helps potential buyers do their research before and after the Show on your company and products and could make your experience at the Show a more successful one.


  1. Plan your Booth

Once you have made the decision and investment to exhibit at the Show, be sure to put some thought into how to drive traffic to your booth. While give aways or promotional items help with foot traffic – consider raffles or contests as well. Having participants sign up to play is a great way to obtain the contact information of visitors to your booth.

Have a good supply of informative material such as brochures and price sheets on hand. Make it easy and create cards with a QR code that send buyers to an information page on your website about the products you are exhibiting at the Show.

If you plan on having a demonstration at your booth, plan early and secure the right equipment such as coolers and heating elements as soon as possible. The Show exhibitor manual will be available in the next few weeks where you can secure equipment and booth furniture. Keep an eye out for it. ????

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