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  • “The Americas Food & Beverage Show has always been a very successful show and exposure tool for Liquid Nitro Energy with results having always been outstanding. The diverse clientele that visits the show is always by far the best compared to other shows. With the energy drink market so saturated here in the U.S., it’s refreshing to be able to speak to so many other people in so many other parts of the world. If you’re looking to expand your business either in the U.S., the Caribbean and Latin America this is the Trade Show to attend. This is why Liquid Nitro continues to be a regular here at the Americas Food & Beverage Show!" -- Vince Carlone, CEO, Liquid Nitro Beverages Inc., USA
  • “Aviko, a leading global French fry and potato specialties processing company with various production facilities in Europe, joined the Americas Food & Beverage Show more than 10 years ago. For us this show is by far an excellent venue to meet most of our regional distributors, organize social gatherings and connect with the right buyers that have similar interests. Although a smaller scaled show, its high quality level of visitors makes this show a “must be” for Aviko”! -- Paul Tol, Aviko BV, Business Development Manager, Netherlands
  • “Mayrsohn International Trading Co., Inc., a Global Supplier and Trading company of fresh produce over a span of 115 years, has been exhibiting at the Americas Food & Beverage Show for well over 10 years! The show provides many opportunities to network with buyers and suppliers, resulting in overall sales growth. We find this show a very powerful tool for visibility, presence and expanding our brand. The Americas Food & Beverage Show provides a large audience of buyers/exporters over a two day span and to be very cost effective”. -- Mark Mayrsohn, President, Mayrsohn International Trading Co., USA
  • “Haddon House Food Products exhibited for the first time at the Americas Food & Beverage Show in 2015. The event was successful beyond our expectations providing the opportunity to meet with existing customers located throughout the Caribbean and Central America and providing an environment to introduce our company to new customers and secure viable leads for our sales force. As a result of the show we have established a variety of partnerships with new packers and manufacturer representatives. We look forward to an equally successful experience at the 2016 show” -- David H. Anderson, CEO, Haddon House, USA
  • “Channel Seafoods International has greatly benefited from our many years of participation at the Americas Food & Beverage Show in Miami. Activity at our booth has significantly grown as well as the solid relationships we established with buyers from Latin America. This is a very important event for our company to showcase and highlight our quality frozen seafood products to buyers in our market. Our booth display offers us the capability to present our seafood product line at its very best”! -- Mike Shooshani, President, Channel Seafoods Intl., USA
  • “The Americas Food and Beverage show has been a huge success for us, not only in the number of leads we’ve made but in the high quality of buyers. Attendance is comprised of serious decision-making buyers as a result we gain annual new business directly related to the show. The show is a first class event and is one of the best shows we attend. We get excellent exposure and it truly is an excellent added value for us. Looking forward to the show this year”! -- Ramon J. Fernandez, President, Pro Label Inc., USA
  • “We have had very good success with this show. The show allows us to meet our international customers, it allows us to talk to them about business and show them new items all in one stop. And over the years, we have probably added another eight to ten new customers from participating in this show. It pays for itself over and over again.” -- Eric Gloe, VP of Sales, Clabber Girl, USA
  • “This is our fifth time exhibiting here at the show! It has been so successful, that I’ve already selected my booth for next year. People are here to do business. They’re interested. They’re qualified buyers. Last year I picked up two new distributors, so it’s just amazing.” -- Deb Crisan, Sr. VP. Sales & Marketing, Rao’s Specialty Foods Inc., USA
  • “We have participated in this show every other year for the last 10 years in the USA Pavilion! We’ve gotten account after account after account after attending this show. We’ve expanded into Trinidad, Kuwait, and Dubai as a result of being at this show. It seems like everybody is here”. -- George Kanavos, District Sales Manager, Devanco Foods., USA
  • “We have exhibited at the show around four times. At this show, we get a lot of exposure to interested buyers from South America or Caribbean. It’s more diverse than other shows, and people come here because they are interested in buying products. We want to expand out of America and go international, and it’s a good outpost for us to find more people to sell to.” -- Julio Rosa, VP, Barnard Nut Co. USA
  • "We were able to maximize our intent to reach consumers of coffee! During the 19th Americas Food and Beverage Show our company witnessed a high demand of our well known Colombian coffee due to the volume of sales leads representing segments of the food and beverages industry to the like of restaurants, hotels and food service! Our coffee was able to truly gain interest of each of the market segments, among others. The satisfaction of our customers is our ultimate goal and we achieved it by having exhibited at the Americas Food and Beverages Show and we look forward to exhibiting again” -- Piedad Cardenas, General Manager, Cafetos de Cedral, Colombia
  • “We exhibited for the first time at the Americas Food and Beverage Show in October of 2015. It was a very busy 2 days for us and we experienced nonstop traffic at our booth. As a result of our great success in having met an audience of diverse and decision making buyers, we’ve decided that the show was a must for us again in 2016! We very much are looking forward to establishing a business relationship with the show to continue generating sales leads and meeting more great business contacts”. -- Carla Shearing, Ashoka Group, Operations Manager, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands.
  • “We have been part of the Americas Food and Beverage Show for the past consecutive seventeen years, throughout this entire time we have always had tremendous success in meeting a variety of productive buyers representing the Caribbean, Central and South America, always generating new sales leads. This has assisted us in becoming a leader in exporting to these regions. In addition we have also had the opportunity of always meeting current customers, which is vital to the ongoing growth of our business. The Americas Food and Beverage Show is always scheduled in our calendar as part of our annual trade show attendance agenda”! -- Sonia Guerra, Sr. Intl. Sales Representative, Drummond Export, Canada.
  • “We were absolutely delighted with the results of our participation in the Brazilian Pavilion at the 2015 Americas Food & Beverage Show. The buyers we were exposed to as well as the sales lead we acquired had more than excellent results and allowed us our entry for the first time in to the Canadian market through a very well-known distributor represented by 150 suppliers. Additionally our participation has also opened opportunities within other markets in the Americas, and other international regions”! -- Rodrigo Veiga,Sales Director, COOPERJA, Brazil
  • “Tango Foods has participated in the past two years at the Americas Food and Beverage Show. On both occasions results have been most positive and has allowed us to establish a high volume of potential sales leads that have converted into customers. Tango Foods relies upon this show to generate ongoing trade relations with the Caribbean and Central America as well as with companies in South Florida. For us the Americas Food and Beverage show represents a paramount opportunity to showcase our products to a myriad of buyers throughout the Americas. To date Tango Foods is exporting to countries such as Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile, Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Suriname, Panama, Costa Rica and is present in most of the Caribbean”. -- Hernán Meléndez, Director, Tango Foods, Argentina

Dear Exhibitors, Buyers and Attendees,

Over the last few weeks, the World Trade Center Miami has been monitoring the on-going COVID-19 restrictions and regulations to determine what their potential impact on the Americas Food and Beverage (AFB) Show would be this September. After much consideration and consultation with our partners and stakeholders, feedback from exhibitors and buyers about their concerns and ability to travel as well as our ability to deliver on our commitment to produce a quality physical show – we have decided to pivot to a virtual event.

We pride ourselves in providing our exhibitors a high-quality event with the best opportunities to meet their show objectives and facilitate desired business connections. As there are still substantial concerns regarding international buyer travel from several countries in the Caribbean and Latin America, we feel it is in the best interest of our exhibitors and all stakeholders to pivot to a virtual event again in 2021.

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