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#BE Beverages - Booth 438        
#BE Tea Infusions
Brand Name #BE
Product Description #BE is a 100% Peruvian product, crafted with Cusco tea leaves, selected by hand, just 17 kilometers north of Machu Picchu, in fields sourrounded by tropical rainforests and great biodiversity, wich allows us to have an excellent quality raw material, with unique and unparalleded flavor and aroma.

#BE is sweetened with stevia and organic raw cane sugar, is very low in calories and provides important benefits to the consumer health, in a very cool and visually atractive packaging.

Crafted with authentic tea leaves, preserves all their properties and natural benefits with a very low caloric load and without preservatives that could be considered harmful to public health.

By developing our business, we aim to improve the production quality and living conditions of Peru´s tea farmers communities, mainly in Convention Valley area, Huyro-Cusco.

Aesekol S.L. - Booth 200        
Margarine Fridge Free - 10g. Microcup
Brand Name Delifine
Product Description The new Delifine Margarine spread made in Spain, now in 10g. microcups for restaurants and hotels.
The tropical or "Fridge Free" margarine is suitable for unrefrigerated logistics in tropical countries.

100% vegetable, suitable for vegans and vegetarians, lactose free, gluten free.

Florida Universal Exports - Booth 686        
Bonniebell Litchi Mango Jam
Brand Name Bonniebell
Product Description Bonniebell Litchi Mango Jam is a gourmet jam produced from Litchis grown on our Palm Beach Grove farm here in South Florida.

Fullei Fresh - Booth 326        
Gourmet Sprout Salad
Brand Name Fullei Fresh
Product Description This salad contains alfalfa sprouts, sunflower shoots, beet sprouts, mung beans, green lentils, red lentils, adzuki beans and green peas. All are hydroponically grown without the use of additives, pesticides or preservatives.

Inka Seed        
Brand Name INKA SEED|
Product Description 100% ORGANIC
GMO Free
Ingredients: Cacao organic, Quinoa organic, Purple Corn organic, Algarrobo organic and Quinoa organic.

Inka Seed        
Brand Name INKA SEED
Product Description ORGANIC
GMO Free
Ingredients. Camu Camu organic, Yacon organic, Agave syrup orgánic and Pectin

Inka Seed        
Brand Name INKA SEED
Product Description 100% Maca roots
GMO Free
Ingredients: Yellow, red and black organic Maca

Inka Seed        
New Jams organic
Brand Name Inka Seed
Product Description The new inka seed's jam are a mix of flavors, they contain antioxidant and vitamins (yellowberry, pineapple, lucuma and camu camu) also they have prebiotics(yacon) and they contain natural sweeteners(agave).

100% organic, fluten free, GMO free and sugar free.

Kontos Foods, Inc. - Booth 367        
Kontos Toasted Tidbits (Toasted Pita Bits)
Brand Name Kontos
Product Description Kontos Pita bread that has been sliced into pieces and baked to a crisp. Ideal for soups, salads, dips, crudité, or simply as a snack. Contains No Trans Fat and is 100% Vegetarian. Shipped in a convenient store-ready display rack with attractive header card.

Maison Meneau USA - Booth 148        
Organic Lemon/Ginger Iced Green Tea
Brand Name Maison Meneau
Product Description Delicate marriage between a spicy note of ginger and the acidity of lemon, a real moment of sweetness and freshness. The rich in aroma and taste of green tea in balanced with agave syrup to bring softness. We select teas of the greatest origins to infuse into our cauldrons to enhance their unique aromas and flavors. A healthy and beneficial drink with green tea known for its antioxidant properties, designed to bring you the best balance between pleasure and health. Practical and ecological in its glass bottle, this drink will accompany you throughout the day.

Maison Meneau USA - Booth 148        
Organic Smoothie Mango/Passionfruit
Brand Name Maison Meneau
Product Description The combination of mango and passion fruit creates an exotic and energetic smoothie to bring you pleasure and health at any time of the day. Creamy, full of flavor and made from 100% organic fruit. Our 8.5 fl. oz. glass bottle contains 100% organic fruit mix with no added sugars, colors or preservatives. Poor in calories but rich in vitamins and fiber, this tasty and luscious drink is a simple way to fuel your body whether at the office or on the run. One bottle count as 1 of your 5 daily fruit & vegetable servings recommended by the National Health Nutrition Plan.

Maison Meneau USA - Booth 148        
Organic Lemonade Bella Lula
Brand Name Maison Meneau
Product Description Bella Lula is an authentic Mediterranean drink, a delicious blend of authenticity and sensuality. This recipe is the perfect blend of water, lemons from Murcia, cane sugar and mint from Morocco. It contains essential vitamins for winter and is ideal for cooling during the summer. Evoking the beauty of the Italian actresses of the 50s and 60s, Bella Lula is unique, timeless and full of memories.

Nimbus - Booth 175        
Santa Sangria Citrus
Brand Name Santa Sangria Citrus
Product Description Very refreshing and of Mediterranean flavor.
Made with the most traditional white strains of Argentina and a selection of the best natural citrus extracts such as Limon and Ginger. Fruity and intense flavor.
Ideal to enjoy after a long day of work.

Nimbus - Booth 175        
Santa Sangria Tropical
Brand Name Santa Sangria Tropical
Product Description Simply delicious, of tropical flavor.
Made with the most emblematic red strains of Argentina and a blend of tropical natural extracts such as Orange and Pineapple.
With sweet aromas and a fruity flavor.
Ideal to enjoy during a night of friends.

SACFRUITS - Booth 230        
Dried Mangoes
Product Description SACFruits dried mangoes are 100% natural with no additives, no preservatives. Non GMO. Can be eaten by anyone throughout the year as a snack or on salads, with smoothies, or as a topping with frozen yoghurts and ice cream.

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