2022- Pre-Show

To get an editor interested in your release, make it newsworthy with:
  • New technology
  • First-time or unique product introductions
  • Show-related promotions and events
  • Product improvements
  • Notification of mergers/acquisitions

At the Show

Use press kits to get hard news about your company and products to the media. Most shows offer a press room onsite. Contact your show's Marketing Department to confirm. Bring enough kits for the pressroom and your booth. Include:
  • Press releases
  • Photos with captions
  • Your company logo
  • Supporting literature
  • A technical specifications list
  • A business card or contact information

Note: What is a press kit?
Press kits are a one-stop source for the media to get information about your company and products. Most shows have a press room on or near the show floor. Contact your marketing representative for information regarding that room or booth#. Information included in the kit should be kept simple and to the point - journalists are not interested in marketing materials; they are after hard news. The best kits are enclosed in a folder that is marked clearly on the outside with the company's name and booth #. Some members of the media prefer an electronic press kit - online or CD-ROM's. These electronic kits should contain the same information as hard copy kits.

Press Conferences

A press conference can gather a lot of media with a good planning. Some topics that would interest the media include: New products or technologies
  • Company announcements
  • Introduction of a new member of your executive team
  • Revealing research available for the first-time ever in your booth
  • Presenting any celebrities that may be appearing in your booth


After the show a release will be sent to the media who attended the show. Include:
  • A recap of all activity in your booth
  • The products that attracted the most attention and why
  • Future expectations relating to your company's new products
  • Any upgrade to information contained in your press releases during the show

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