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Americas Food and Beverage Show 2020 – Event confirmation


The World Trade Center Miami team is monitoring the situation to assess the potential impact of COVID-19 on the 2020 Americas Food and Beverage Show in Miami, and will adapt plans accordingly. The health and safety of our attendees, sponsors and staff is our utmost priority. We are carefully reviewing various scenarios and protocols to ensure attendees can safely participate. All scenarios and protocols will be in compliance with Miami Beach Convention Center requirements, local and state government official guidelines, as well as the advice of public health experts. Measures being considered include – but are not limited to – management of traffic flows on the show floor, sanitation stations, wearing of masks and other PPE, temperature taking stations, and protective barriers. We are also studying how to safely ensure that our industry can offer samples/tastings including sealed packaging, on demand slicing, and other protective measures. As the situation continues to evolve, we will keep everyone informed as regulations and guidelines are rolled out. Be sure to check back regularly for updates. We are looking forward to seeing everyone at the show in November.

Questions and answers:

How are exhibitors and potential exhibitors informed about developments regarding the show?

  • Please complete this info form so we can add you to our mailing list​​​


What options do exhibitors have if the event is rescheduled or cancelled?

  • In the event of postponement or cancellation, it is our intention to work with all our Exhibitors and reimburse the full paid price for the booth.

What happens with bookings already made for flight tickets, hotel accommodation etc.?

  • We are unable to provide information on contracts between customers and third parties, as these have not been concluded with the WTCM. Please contact the issuing airline and/or hotel for further details

  • The WTCM will not reimburse transportation and/or lodging expenses.

What is the cancellation policy for exhibitors?

  • CANCELLATION OF SHOW: If WTCM cancels the Show because of an Event of Force Majeure as defined below, and the Show is rescheduled within six months of the original Show dates, Exhibitor’s rental fee for exhibition space shall be applied to pay for Exhibitor’s rental space in the rescheduled show. If Exhibitor elects not to participate in the rescheduled Show, its rental fee shall not be refunded and shall be deemed earned by WTCM. If the Show is cancelled and not rescheduled as set forth above, WTCM will refund that portion of the Exhibitor’s rental fee, if any, that WTCM does not apply to pay its direct expenses of the cancelled show. Any refunds of rental fees will be prorated among all Exhibitors. If WTCM’s direct expenses equal or exceed all Exhibitor rental fees, no rental fees will be refunded. For the purpose of this paragraph, direct expenses shall mean all expenses of the Show incurred by WTCM other than its indirect administrative overhead expenses. WTCM’s determination of its direct expenses shall be deemed final and shall not be subject to challenge by any Exhibitor. WTCM shall not be liable for any losses or damages of any type or description, including consequential and/or incidental damages, suffered by Exhibitor as a result of any rescheduling or cancellation of the Show.

  • FORCE MAJEURE. WTCM shall not be deemed to have breached this agreement by reason of its failure to perform any of its obligations if caused by strikes, natural disasters, hurricanes or tropical storms, acts of a public enemy, riots, terrorism, interference by civil or military authorities, compliance with proclamations, delays in transit or delivery on the part of transportation companies, or other causes beyond the reasonable control and without the fault of WTCM, or if caused by any act or failure to act of another party (an "Event of Force Majeure"). Upon the occurrence of any Event of Force Majeure specified above that results or will result in a delay in or cancellation of the Show or otherwise affects WTCM’s performance under this agreement, WTCM shall promptly give notice to the other party of the occurrence and the effect or anticipated effect of the occurrence on the performance of WTCM’s obligations under this agreement. WTCM will use reasonable efforts under the circumstances to eliminate or minimize the adverse impact of the occurrence on its performance under this agreement.


(a) In the event exhibitor cancels all or part of contracted exhibit space, the following provisions shall apply:

  • (i) If written notice of cancellation is received by WTCM prior to May 29, 2020, exhibitor shall pay a cancellation fee equal to 50% of the total exhibit space rental fee;

  • (ii) If written notice of cancellation is received by WTCM on, or after May 29, 2020, exhibitor shall pay a cancellation fee equal to 100% of the total exhibit space rental fee.

  • (iii) All cancellation fees are payable immediately upon cancellation. All payments made to WTCM under this contract are deemed fully earned and non-refundable and made in consideration for expenses incurred by WTCM and WTCM lost or deferred opportunity to provide exhibit space to others and all cancellation fees that may become due hereunder are acknowledged by exhibitor to constitute liquidated damages.

(b) If Exhibitor does not make full payment when due under the terms of this contract, WTCM may terminate the exhibit space held for Exhibitor and Exhibitor shall be responsible for payment to WTCM of all amounts which would have been due to WTCM under the terms of subsection (a) above, if Exhibitor had cancelled this exhibit space as of the date of such default, other provisions of this contract will continue in force until cancelled by WTCM.

We look forward to having you exhibit at the 24th Americas Food and Beverage Show & Conference. For more information, please contact Emy Garcia at or at 305-871-7910.


Dear Exhibitors, Buyers and Attendees,

Over the last few weeks, the World Trade Center Miami has been monitoring the on-going COVID-19 restrictions and regulations to determine what their potential impact on the Americas Food and Beverage (AFB) Show would be this September. After much consideration and consultation with our partners and stakeholders, feedback from exhibitors and buyers about their concerns and ability to travel as well as our ability to deliver on our commitment to produce a quality physical show – we have decided to pivot to a virtual event.

We pride ourselves in providing our exhibitors a high-quality event with the best opportunities to meet their show objectives and facilitate desired business connections. As there are still substantial concerns regarding international buyer travel from several countries in the Caribbean and Latin America, we feel it is in the best interest of our exhibitors and all stakeholders to pivot to a virtual event again in 2021.

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